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Transparent Acrylic Angel Wings Neon Backboard Light

Transparent Acrylic Angel Wings Neon Backboard Light

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Electrical outlet

1. Waterproof light bar, cold light source emits light, high brightness and longer service life.
2. The operation is simple and convenient. Computers, mobile phone plugs, power banks, etc. can be used.
3. The hook is easy to hang.
4. LED backboard neon, also known as LED decorative lights, the English name is LED Neon Sign. LED neon lights are composed of HIPS injection molding and neon strips. The composition of various patterns is suitable for all high-end restaurants, coffee shops, western restaurants, bars, cafes, KTV, cake shops, ice cream shops, foot massage, beauty salons, fitness and entertainment, nightclubs, clubs, bowling alleys, hotels, hotels, etc. Promotion of chain supermarkets, shopping malls, entrances and receptions of mid-to-high-end communities, Internet cafes, entrances of travel agencies, entrances of tourist attractions, etc. It has a wide range of applications in home decoration, public places, concerts, ball games, exhibitions, supermarkets, electronic stores, and commercial store advertisements.

Product information:
Input voltage: 5 (V)
Luminous flux: 100000 (LM)
Shell material: HIPS PVC
Size: 450*340 (mm)
Light color: back plate wings warm white,
Can dimming: No
Life: 10000 (H)
Use range: home decoration

Packing list:

1*back panel light

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