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Running Sports Water Bottle Fanny Pack

Running Sports Water Bottle Fanny Pack

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Product Information:
Material: Polyester
Color: Blue dark black grey


1. With water bottle: equipped with a 250ml water bottle.
2. Super light: the self-weight of the Fanny pack is about 88g, and the gross weight of a water bottle is about 140g.
3. Close-fitting: integrated close-fitting design, no shaking.
4. Breathable: large mesh load.
5. Large capacity: large capacity main warehouse, mobile phones under 6 inches can be easily stored.
6. Safety: multiple safety reflective strip design.
7. Sweet: The Fanny pack has a music headphone jack, which makes running and music even better!
8. Innovation: Innovative belt storage device.
9. Anti-splashing water: The main material of the Fanny pack adopts anti-splashing water fabric!
10. Waist size: 56cm-124cm/ 1.7ft-3.8ft


Packing list:
Fanny pack X1PCS

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