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Noise Cancelling Soundproofing Earplugs Concert Hi-Fi Filter

Noise Cancelling Soundproofing Earplugs Concert Hi-Fi Filter

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Product information:
Material: Liquid silicone and filter
Connection line: none
Noise reduction rate: 23DB (decibel)
Style: transparent filter + aluminum bottle

1. What are music silicone earplugs?
A: This earplug is different from regular silicone earplugs. As we all know, conventional earplugs are made of simple structure and 100% pure silicone release. The main function is to prevent noise and waterproof.
Music earbuds are designed with a focus on not distorting the sound quality of any frequency, but allowing you to listen and enjoy the full range of melodies. Therefore, a different acoustic attenuation filter is added on the basis of anti-noise.
The function is: in addition to effectively reducing the noise and noise in the concert, the sound can pass through the filter to retain the effective sound of the music.
2. Product description:
Musicsafe ear plugs is the term commonly used for these types of ear plugs.
3. Product features: Drummers, DJs, concerts, concerts, bands, bars and various large parties.

4. The main material of the product: soft liquid silica gel (antibacterial, anti-allergic) and filter composition. Liquid silicone is different from ordinary anti-noise solid silicone. The most obvious feature is that liquid silicone is softer and more transparent than solid silicone! Liquid silicone is a non-toxic, odorless and truly environmentally friendly silicone material.
5, the use of the crowd: 6-year-old children.
6. Service life: no man-made damage, can be used indefinitely for several years.
7. Product classification: intermediate and advanced (determined by different acoustic attenuation filters), comfortable to wear, sealed
8. Product color: conventional transparent earplugs, which can be invisible. But the filter in the middle can be customized in various colors according to customer needs. Regular filter colors: red,
9. Reasons for use: In an ordinary concert, the sound level is generally 105-115DB. People's hearing will be damaged if it continues for more than 1.5 minutes under such high decibel conditions. The function of this silicone earplug is to effectively filter noise, preserve the clarity of music sound quality, and reduce noise damage to hearing.

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Packing list:
Transparent filter + aluminum bottle*1

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